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Tower Group owes it’s origin to the early 1970’s when founder Joseph Dimech started working initially wrought iron in 1970 and further on delved into a new area for those days namely aluminium apertures to create Tower Aluminium Limited. Nowadays our business is a well known household name in the aluminium sector in Malta. Operating since 1972, Tower Aluminium is a well-established aluminium, iron, stainless steel, PVC and glass manufacturing and finishing company. For the past 40 years we have mostly catered for household’s external and internal finishing requirements such as apertures, railings, skylights, amongst other finishes related to the external envelope and internal decoration of a building.

Besides offering our skill, expertise and attention to detail, we provide solution for developers in the finishing of apartment blocks, and architects in designing their latest projects. Most importantly our company seeks to provide a reliable, professional, and cost effective solution to our clients expectations.

Due to the evolving trend in apertures and building finishes our company has been evolving its range of products so that nowadays one finds a wide array of products and services available. The range of products and services being offered by our company include a wide variety of opening/closing, isolation, security, and light pass-through solutions. These products are sourced by our company from a large selection of both worldwide established corporations and niche market operators having dedicated market areas.

Throughout the test of time our philosophy has been one of quality, choice and professional service. Focusing on improving clients quality commendation is a first on our agenda as we believe this is the best marketing tool to attract new clients. Quality awareness is emphasized during each stage of production by the directors and supervisors as quality is one of the major strengths of our team that make us stand out from the rest. Customer retention and satisfaction is only achieved through a rigorous code of ethics adopted by our team that helps in ensuring clients needs and satisfaction. With strong confidence in service rendering, we look forward to keep a good working relationship with our esteemed clientele and this bodes well for making the future something to look forward and improve on the past.

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